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The Sheppard-Cranes hail from the universe of atlantis_risen, essgeesee and gotham_nexus. The family consists of Liutenant Colonel John Sheppard, Dr Jonathan Crane, Dr Elizabeth Weir and Mrs Donna Sheppard-Crane, their children, grandchildren, and so on. Originally based in the Pegasus Galaxy, in their home universe, events have forced a large part of the family to relocate somewhere safer. They chose the mayfair_nexus universe, with a large home in London.

Family members now based in London:
Jonathan Crane (commuting for work)
Donna Sheppard-Crane
Sophia Crane
Gilly Sheppard-Crane
Robert Sheppard-Crane
Nami Sheppard-Crane
Paul Sheppard-Crane
Pepik Sheppard-Crane
Isaac Bishop
Family members living elsewhere:
John Sheppard
Elizabeth Weir
Catherine Weir
Sam Lohime-Sheppard
Nara Lohime-Sheppard
Celeste Halberd

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