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40 Upper Brook Street, London
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July 2007
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Dr Elizabeth Liddell [userpic]

Elizabeth has been to the London house exactly once before -- she stayed long enough to get reacquainted with her daughter (on a periodic visit to the family home) and was then called away to deal with the lingering after effects of their enforced lockdown (which is to say, there was a punch up in the city). She hasn't really had a chance to visit with Jonathan (or Donna, but Donna has lately not been in a terribly welcoming mood and Elizabeth is not inclined to chance it).

Donna is out when Elizabeth gets there -- running errands and exploring -- and most of the children are occupied (Nami finds the time to hug her and tell her how much she's been missed, even so).

"Jonathan?" Elizabeth calls, poking up and down through the house to find him.

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Current Music: the lonely are the prettiest of all they burn from the inside

Jonathan is reading, and it looks like it is one of Donna's father's books too. "Yes?"

She leans in the doorway. "I haven't seen you in...far too long."

He nods. "That's true." He offers her a seat!

She sits down next to him, clasping her hands between her knees.

"Is something wrong?" He turns to face her. He is not a big talker, apparently.

Jonathan's not-big-talker status is fairly frustrating common knowledge. "Mmm...just work is proving a little frustrating, and Cameron's trapped on some planet with the stargate missing."

Which is easier than saying 'I miss everybody and aside from Nami, nobody seems to miss me'.

"Well, you could stay here for a while longer." Which is clearly and obviously code for, shush we do so miss you.

She brightens a little. "That's a nice idea--I'm probably organised enough that I can afford it. At least for a while."

"Of course. Take a tour around the city. Stay away from the bridge."

"Is that an invitation?"

"Of course." Smile!

"Sounds like fun."

"Now?" He stands up.

"I'll grab my coat." At least she isn't in a more uniform outfit; just black trousers and the ever-present red shirt.

He goes with her, grabbing his own coat and car keys. "Anywhere in particular you want to see?"