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40 Upper Brook Street, London
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July 2007
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Dr James Liddell [userpic]

Jonathan is, at this very moment in time space and what have you, sitting in his office and typing at the computer. While he is doing this, of course, he is letting Gilly meander around the officer. What? It's not like there's stray fear gas cannisters about or anything.


Well, eventually, Jonathan will figure it out.

By the time he does, John will have relocated!

Is this hide and seek? It seems like it!

Jonathan is, obviously, amused.

it is totally hide and seek.

Well, there is seeking!

John is way better at hiding. It is kind of his occupation now.

Jonathan is not great at seeking, apparently.

John is managing to hide like a pro with the loud baby. Ha.

Eventually John will let them be found.

"there you are!" Big grin.