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40 Upper Brook Street, London
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July 2007
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Dr James Liddell [userpic]

Jonathan is, at this very moment in time space and what have you, sitting in his office and typing at the computer. While he is doing this, of course, he is letting Gilly meander around the officer. What? It's not like there's stray fear gas cannisters about or anything.


"...Anywhere. Who's dead?"

"Not sure yet. Probably the...space vigilante." That's subtle. Really!

John laughs and lifts Gilly into the air. "Your papa's nuts, baby."

Gilly squeels again and flails her little baby arms at him. YES HE IS CRAZY.

"Welll. Who would you suggest, then?" He so very much is. It's just...channeled differently now. >_>

"I'm not the person to ask. My creative streak is suspiciously short."

"Space vigilante it is, then."

John laughs again. "How'd he die?"

"Poisoned." It seemed appropriate.

"Arsenic." Space Arsenic?

Actually that is a good question. John will vocalise it. While laughing. "Space arsenic?"

Eye roll. "I suppose?"

"I hear that's dangerous stuff."

"Oh, sure. I'm sure."

"So who's figuring it all out?"