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40 Upper Brook Street, London
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July 2007
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Dr James Liddell [userpic]

Jonathan is, at this very moment in time space and what have you, sitting in his office and typing at the computer. While he is doing this, of course, he is letting Gilly meander around the officer. What? It's not like there's stray fear gas cannisters about or anything.


Well, HELLO there. "So I've heard! Anything to worry about?"

"Nah." John settles Gilly on his leg, where she bounces and babbles at him like he's paying attention. "Just the usual right now."

"Good. Nothing to worry about here either." That he knows of, anyway.

"And you'd tell me if there was, right?"

"Of course!" Unless it was him. It's not him!

"Thought so." He grins, and Gilly stretches up to grab his dogtags. Mmm delicious Daddytoys. Om nom nom.

John lets her gnaw on them. "So what're you doing?"

"Just writing. Book and all of that." Hahaha. Fiction.

"Hm. Yeah. I heard about that. What's it about?"

"Murder mystery. In space." Yes. Really.

"Oh, I'm not repeating it."

"...you really baffle me some days."

Grin. "Oh, really? Why?"

"Murder mystery in space. Enough said."

"Well, where else would it be set?" EXACTLY.