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40 Upper Brook Street, London
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July 2007
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Pepik has kidnapped his brother! He also wanted his sister but she is off somewhere doing something he stopped lsitening about halfway through being told. He is bored and requires specific parental attentions.

So he waves bare feet in Paul's face as he calls from his pinpoing.

"Mama! Maaaaaaaaaaaaama! Mamamamamamama! Mama!" Because he's not nearly weird enough, he needs to be as annoying as possible before she even answers the pinpointy device.

Look. At least he's not doing all this naked.


"How's things?"

He will listen.

"Busy. Mostly, just busy. We're making progress, though.

"Are you going to come home more now?" :D? :D? Yes pls.

Paul hopes so!

"We'll have to see. My running of the city is coming under scrutiny."

>:o goes Pepik.

"Why?" He is curious.

"The IOA is interested in how I'm handling the situation."


Elizabeth chuckles.

Obviously her boys have a high opinion of her awesomeness.

Obviously they do!