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40 Upper Brook Street, London
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July 2007
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Pepik has kidnapped his brother! He also wanted his sister but she is off somewhere doing something he stopped lsitening about halfway through being told. He is bored and requires specific parental attentions.

So he waves bare feet in Paul's face as he calls from his pinpoing.

"Mama! Maaaaaaaaaaaaama! Mamamamamamama! Mama!" Because he's not nearly weird enough, he needs to be as annoying as possible before she even answers the pinpointy device.

Look. At least he's not doing all this naked.


"I'm sure you can manage for ten minutes while I finish this. I've got to go, or it's going to take me longer to get there."

"I'm gonna call back if you don't. Ten minutes." Pepik hangs up on her and....pounces on Paul. AUGH BROTHER DIE NOW >:D

Tickle and wrestle war?

Ten minutes later, Elizabeth pinpoints into her bedroom in the house and goes looking for Her Boys.

They are obviously still in the living room, rolling around wrestling each other.

Of course they are.

Paul is probably NOT winning very often.

Elizabeth leans in the doorway. "Well, hello."

:o Pepik is distracted and Paul does win. Yay for Paul!

He promtply scrambles up. "MAMA!"

Huzzah, a win. "Hello!"

"Hi, there. What's going on?"

"Paul is stupid." :D

"Smarter than you."

"You wish." Pepik drags their mother to sit down and plunks at her feet. Pet him. :3?

"How long are you staying?"