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40 Upper Brook Street, London
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July 2007
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John Sheppard [userpic]

It is late when John pinpoints quietly into the London house, sneaking his way right to watch his babies sleep. He doesn't bother seeing anyone else in the house, if they're even awake, he doesn't know. He just stands between the babies cribs, watching them both  quietly. Gilly burbles in her sleep, whining quietly until he moves to adjust what is obviously one of his shirts in with her closer and she settles.

He takes his glasses off, rubbing his eyes with a sigh.


"Darling my love, when in our entire life together have I obeyed you?"

"In my dreams. They're nice."

"Poor thing." She tugs him for kissings.

He picks her up again. So he doesn't have to bend down to kiss back.

She laughs against his lips. "Can you stay the night? Have breakfast with us."

He takes a minute to think about it. "I can stay most of the morning."

"Mm. Okay. And--try paying some attention to Robert instead of Gilly for once. He's just starting to warm up to Jonathan. He's never going to like you at the rate you two are going."

"He doesn't scream if I don't pay constant attention to him, though." This is John's only objection. "But as long as he doesn't cry when I do, I'll give him my attention instead."

No. He is not capable of paying attention to both at the same time.

"You have more than just one child. Gilly needs to learn that she can't monopolise all your time when you're here." She kisses the corner of his mouth.

"She's really good at it. She picked up the tricks really quickly."

"John, will you take this seriously for five seconds?"

"Yeah. Sorry. I see your point."

"Yeah. Gilly being demanding was cute for a while, at this point it's turning into you neglect the rest of your children."

"...Okay. I'm not that bad. Yeah, I pay more attention to her, but she's the one who asks for it. I don't neglect the rest of them."

"John, they're not supposed to have to come and beg you for it."