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40 Upper Brook Street, London
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July 2007
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John Sheppard [userpic]

It is late when John pinpoints quietly into the London house, sneaking his way right to watch his babies sleep. He doesn't bother seeing anyone else in the house, if they're even awake, he doesn't know. He just stands between the babies cribs, watching them both  quietly. Gilly burbles in her sleep, whining quietly until he moves to adjust what is obviously one of his shirts in with her closer and she settles.

He takes his glasses off, rubbing his eyes with a sigh.


"He falls on his ass a lot."

"Call me the second he gets it right."

"Good. Might have another wedding to attend in the near future."

"Is that so?"

"Well I hear rumor Mitchell likes us."

"He's getting married? Since when?"

"I couldn't say. Elizabeth mentioned it to me. I wanted to come here instead of calling him up and being nosey."

"Next time, I demand accurate information about other people's social lives before you get here."

He laughs. "You want me to call him right this second and tell him you demand to know if he's getting married?"

Donna considers this for a while.


John promptly fishes his pinpoint out of his pocket to do this thing. "What time is it in the states? Any idea?" He doesn't give her a chance to answer as he dials. "Oh well."

He grins down at her when Cameron answers his pinpoint. "Mitchell. It's Sheppard. My wife demands to know if you're getting married. Elizabeth told me. ...I don't know. Answer the question. She expects to be invited." He laughs suddenly. "Tell people, moron." And he hangs up.

Donna giggles. "So is he?"