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40 Upper Brook Street, London
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July 2007
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John Sheppard [userpic]

It is late when John pinpoints quietly into the London house, sneaking his way right to watch his babies sleep. He doesn't bother seeing anyone else in the house, if they're even awake, he doesn't know. He just stands between the babies cribs, watching them both  quietly. Gilly burbles in her sleep, whining quietly until he moves to adjust what is obviously one of his shirts in with her closer and she settles.

He takes his glasses off, rubbing his eyes with a sigh.


"Something up?"

"If by 'is something up' you mean 'did your marriage almost fall apart', then...yeah."

He frowns and tugs on her. "Come on and talk to me. What's going on?"

"It's fine, now. I think. We're working on it, anyway." She studiously does not look at him.

"Catch me up anyway."

"He just--he wasn't talking to me. At all."

"As in even less than usual?"

"I need a little more communication than non-committal grunting. Especially when he's the only person over eighteen I see on a regular basis." She leans into John. "Yeah, less than usual. I had no idea what was going on with him at any time." She's quiet a while. "He's withdrawing from Gotham more. He's giving James the director job."

"Good. That why you've been upset lately?" Look. He still knows sort of what's going on. He has Sources.

"I'm not going to ask how you know that," she sighs. "Pretty much. It's just been fucking stressful. He drives me fucking crazy sometimes."

"I have sources. Got things straightened out?"

"I went to talk to him about it and...he just agreed with me and told me what was going on."

"Is this one of those things I should accept and pretend never happened or can we talk about it?"

"I don't know -- do you want to talk about it?"

"I suspect not. How about we save it until there's a need for me to know?"