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John pinpoints to the house early. There’s some activity, but not a lot, and he finds himself drawn to the babies’ room after hearing them gurgling quietly to each other. He turns off the monitor, to let his spouses sleep, and picks Robert up from where the boy sits, staring wide-eyed at him. He’s almost holding his breath, still not sure the reaction he gets won’t be tears, but when Robert only falls silent and continues to stare, and then flops against his shoulder, John smiles. He’ll never fail to be surprised by his son finally warming up to him. Nearly two years old and finally able to be held by his fathers – or siblings now, he assumes – without wailing like Gilly does.

Settling the still dozy baby on his hip, John moves over to Gilly’s crib, grinning brightly when she screeches out “Mine!” and reaches for him. He’ll never get tired of her reaction to him. Every time, she lights up like everything in her little baby world is right again. It reminds him of why he stays away so often. To make sure there’s a world safe for them to go back to one day. And they will go back. No matter what he has to do, or how long he has to stay away to make it happen. As much as the house in London has become a home to them, it isn’t home. It’s not their world and John’s intent that one day they’ll all return to where they belong.

He manages to wrangle the other baby onto his other hip across from her brother, and carries them both from the room in search of other family members who seem to have woken so early. Sophia greets him in the hallway, sleepy with her eyes hardly open as she shuffles her way down to watch the morning news. John doesn’t understand why a girl her age – and to him she’s only seventeen, not the millions of years she really is – chooses to watch the news on a regular basis, but his step-daughter is strange enough without his asking questions about it.

Pepik is in the kitchen when he gets there to get these babies of his some breakfast, cooking up a storm. Which is, John thinks, a lot like the storm that almost sunk Atlantis their first year. A complete and total mess and he’s not quite sure the boy has any idea what he’s doing.

Before he can ask, his attention is distracted when Gilly starts trying to struggle out of his grasp. This isn’t something that’s ever happened before and it startles him. It’s always been Gilly doing anything she could to stay with him and he finds himself more than a little rattled at her trying to get away from him. So much he has to take a moment to collect and remind himself that even if this is because he’s been gone so much, it’s for her that he does it.

He’s still shocked when Pepik takes her away from him and she calms immediately. It’s like a hollow ache in his chest and it feels like somewhere between his last visit and today, he lost his baby. The absolute most important person in his life, doesn’t want him holding her and he doesn’t understand why.

“Pancakes?” Pepik offers, out of the blue -- Gilly now sitting happily and wide-eyed on his hip --, holding a plate out to him. John just laughs and takes the plate, sitting Robert down on the counter and accepting the plate.

“As long as it doesn’t kill me,” he jokes lightly, letting Robert smash the food up in typical baby ways.

“No promises.”

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Pepik has kidnapped his brother! He also wanted his sister but she is off somewhere doing something he stopped lsitening about halfway through being told. He is bored and requires specific parental attentions.

So he waves bare feet in Paul's face as he calls from his pinpoing.

"Mama! Maaaaaaaaaaaaama! Mamamamamamama! Mama!" Because he's not nearly weird enough, he needs to be as annoying as possible before she even answers the pinpointy device.

Look. At least he's not doing all this naked.

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It is late when John pinpoints quietly into the London house, sneaking his way right to watch his babies sleep. He doesn't bother seeing anyone else in the house, if they're even awake, he doesn't know. He just stands between the babies cribs, watching them both  quietly. Gilly burbles in her sleep, whining quietly until he moves to adjust what is obviously one of his shirts in with her closer and she settles.

He takes his glasses off, rubbing his eyes with a sigh.

Hahaha quiet

So Jonathan is playing with one of the babies! That is a pretty awesome thing to be doing, right? Right! It would appear to be Robert that Jonathan is playing with. Are they really still babies? They're probably a bit older than that about now.

Anyway, he is in the living room, and he has papers on the floor beside him.

Post Museum Thingy

John has finally managed to grab more than a spare few minutes, working crazy hard and delegating whatever he can to Nathan, he's managed to scrape together enough time he can go to the house in London for the night. Which, of course, is exactly what he does.

He pinpoints himself into the house, and finds himself a teenager with the babies. Gilly screeches and flails until he picks her up (which granted doesn't take long) and he hangs out there for a while, until Gilly goes to sleep.

Then he's off and looking for other people he wants to see.

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Elizabeth has been to the London house exactly once before -- she stayed long enough to get reacquainted with her daughter (on a periodic visit to the family home) and was then called away to deal with the lingering after effects of their enforced lockdown (which is to say, there was a punch up in the city). She hasn't really had a chance to visit with Jonathan (or Donna, but Donna has lately not been in a terribly welcoming mood and Elizabeth is not inclined to chance it).

Donna is out when Elizabeth gets there -- running errands and exploring -- and most of the children are occupied (Nami finds the time to hug her and tell her how much she's been missed, even so).

"Jonathan?" Elizabeth calls, poking up and down through the house to find him.

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John is sitting in the kitchen, nursing a cup of coffee. He's spent a while watching the twins sleep. He knows Gilly would be ecstatic if he woke her up for snuggling, but he can't quite bring himself to do it. So instead he made coffee and has hidden out.

He feels weird, here. There's no echo of ocean, and everything is just...wrong.

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So. With the help of Donna and John's friend Hippolyta, the Sheppard-Cranes are settled in their new home in London -- in a different universe to the one the children have thus far been growing up in. Nami has finally -- finally -- got all her belongings unpacked and situated where she wants them to be, and her brothers are dull and boring and lame, so she's gone in search of someone else to keep her occupied. 

The fact they have a pool pleases her...but the fact she'll be starting at highschool in September does not

"Papa. Papa. Papa." Yes, Nami has discovered your hiding place, Jonathan.