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July 2007
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Dr James Liddell [userpic]
Hahaha quiet

So Jonathan is playing with one of the babies! That is a pretty awesome thing to be doing, right? Right! It would appear to be Robert that Jonathan is playing with. Are they really still babies? They're probably a bit older than that about now.

Anyway, he is in the living room, and he has papers on the floor beside him.


Donna leans in the doorway. She's been snappish and irritable lately -- generally unhappy. Today, apparently, that has come to a head. She raps her knuckles against the doorframe. "We need to talk."

"Yes, we do!" He scoots over so there is room beside him.

She doesn't come to sit with him, instead leaning against the closed door behind her. "You don't talk to me."

"No. You're right. I haven't been." Well. He's certainly talkative today, at least. Odd! "And that's...probably not a good thing. I have reasons, not good reasons, but reasons. That are...vaguely over with at any rate. I think that I need to talk with you a great deal more than I do. And I think in order to do that, I need to stay out of Gotham in the long term."

...yeah, now he's a giant blabbermouth.

She laughs, suddenly, startled. "You know, I don't know what I was expecting, but agreeing with me probably wasn't it." She regards him for a few moments before she says, quieter, "I think I deserve to know what those reasons are. And I'm...not going to argue about you staying out of Gotham."

"Do you want me to not agree with you? I'd rather not." He smiles a bit. "I'm filling out paperwork to make Wilson the director at Arkham, and I will likely not go back there unless in some sort of extreme emergency."

Briiiiefest of hesitations. "Can I just say that they have to do with one of Arkham's investors, and leave it at that? Or do you need more than that?"

"Let me just say that you are not going to sit here all goddamn repentent and fixing everything and not tell me why it fell apart."

"I...." He thinks of how to put this. "I may have had something to do with Bruce Wayne's current mental condition."

"Oh, you mean how you had him in the basement for a few months? I'm not a psychiatrist, but I'd hazard a guess that might have something to do with it, yeah."

"Very possibly. One would think he'd be more conditioned against that sort of thing." Hm. "At any rate. That and...what occured between my alternate and your...friend. Sister? Well, that made me realise I should probably take great pains not to be a totally psychotic lunatic."

"Friend. Ex. Sister-in-law in the spirit of the word." She fidgets like she wants to be smoking and slides down onto the arm of an armchair. "And...well, if you enjoy being married to me, yes, you should shape the fuck up."

"Oh, I think that I can manage that." He even shows her the papers he has filled out for Doctor Wilson. "Because I do, you know."

She glances over the paperwork. "Do you?"

"I do. And I love you. Very much." He sets it down.

She sits down and tugs Robert into her lap. "I love you, too. Elizabeth called earlier -- she and John have been talking about the ceremony again. Apparently John suggested we look at beaches in Spain."

Blink blink and then settle. "Really! Why Spain?" He is curious!

"God, I have no idea."

"Well. I suppose someone will have to learn Spanish." Other than Elizabeth, if she knows it. Which he cannot recall if she does.

"I think Elizabeth speaks Spanish...John does a little, too."

"Lucky them." He smirks. "So, that'll be...good."

She nudges him with her shoulder. "Yes, it will."

He nudges back and grins at her. "Anything else that I may or may not have missed?"

"Mm, no. We need to work on the guest list for the ceremony with John and Elizabeth, though, and set a date, and...a thousand other things that go into that." She hums.

"Some sort of cake, I suppose." Well, they will be very busy! That will obviously help with the sudden shock of having only one part time job.

"We can argue about chocolate or double chocolate cakes."

"Is there a difference?" Oh Jonathan.

Donna giggles quietly. "I will explain it all to you one day. Over cake."

He grins. "I will take you up on that."

"I bet." Robert toddles away from her in search of his toys. "God, I'm bored. How can I have a house full of children and be bored?"

"Because....we obviously need adult entertainment."

Donna bursts out laughing.

Mental facepalm, clearly. "Not that."

"You sure? I've still got costumes."

She kisses his temple and leans into his side. "Nami's still kicking about having to go to Mill Hill."

"Honestly. It's just school. British school. It won't be that difficult."

"I knooow. I think she's just being...difficult."

"Watch, once she's THERE it'll be all she talks about."

"That's how it works."

"Of course." He ponders. "I'm worried more about the other too." Sir pantless and the oversmart.

"We're making a lot of progress getting Pepik into clothes...winter will probably help that, too. I'm not heating this house like we heated the mainland house just so he can run around naked...I'm worried Paul will get bored. At home--" Atlantis is still home, "--we could foist him off on the scientists when school wasn't enough for him."

He thinks. "We could always see about testing him out of high school and skip him straight to college."

"Is he ready for that?" Donna gnaws on her lip. "They're very young. Even if we go by their physical age."

"I don't know. Maybe."

"We should talk to John and Elizabeth and then discuss it with him?"

"Good idea." He nods.

Donna purses her lips for a moment.